Why it is ok to explore many career interests

Many of us are often pointed by friends and family for having «too many» career interests. Those who had a strong view from a very young age about what they wanted to do with their lives rarely understand people like us who are frequently jumping from one career idea to the other.

We are the kind of people who have no problem to strongly argument in favor of one specific career in winter and proudly explain a couple of months later that we have changed our minds to something that is totally unrelated.

This is simply because, we have many interests in life and struggle to design a career that will match all our needs and expectations. We are the type of people who love both science and arts, literature and sport or finance and philanthropy at the same time.

The good news is that we’ve got some of the world’s best talent on our side: just think about Leonardo Da Vinci whose interests included painting, mathematics, architecture, literature and many more.

The downside is is that society tends to force us to narrow down our options and pick one single career. This usually causes us anxiety, confusion, existential dilemma and shame.So, we are left with this paralyzing career choice issues and feel stuck.

One simple solution though could be to explore each of our career interests separately. This means testing whether your next career idea is just a fling that would not last more than a few months or a real interest to pursue further.

You should also feel proud because your unique combination of interests makes you unique for three key reasons highlighted below.


1. Having so many career interests means that you can bring innovative views


You may feel stupid to be both interested in the automotive sector and sound engineering. But guess what, no one else has thought about combining both interests to create cars with unique sound experiences. Your unique combination of interests can be a powerful source of innovation.

2. Having explored different career interests means that you can apply what you’ve learnt in one field to another


As a footballer also passionate about finance, you can certainly leverage what you would have learnt in one field to another and make unique bridges to unrelated disciplines.The world needs both specialists, with a single technical expertise and generalists who can see the bigger picture.

3. Having so many career interests shows that you are someone curious with a growth mindset


As people with multi potentialities, we are used to jump from one topic to the other and learn a lot about various interests quickly. This agile spirit is an asset and should not be seen as a mark of instability. We are curious and hungry to learn and this should certainly pays off.

There is no reason to feel ashamed about having many unrelated career interests; This is actually an asset and an opportunity for you to explore various fields and design your own career whether it means moonlighting between two unrelated jobs, combining various interests into a brand new job or trying one career after the other.

In any case, for people like us with many potential working identities, the key is to stop censoring ourselves and talk to as many professionals as possible to validate our career choices and make sure we make informed career decisions at any times in our professional lives.

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