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Five reasons why professionals should share their experience with students and career changers

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  • Five reasons why professionals should share their experience with students and career changers

We’ve all been there. We’ve all started to think about our career choices at a young age when our parents asked the one million dollar questions: «What would you like to do when you grow up».

Some of us had a very strong idea which involved some space exploration or some intense fire fights. Others had less imagination and simply repeated the latest thing they had seen on TVs or heard of from a friend.

In any case, we have all learnt from a very young age about the critical importance of figuring out what we want to do with our lives. And for those who work now, we have all noticed the huge gap between what we expected in school and the reality a few years later.

As professionals, we bear a huge responsibility. There is a lot of things we probably wish we knew before starting out our careers. Some of us would have wanted to know about the working conditions in their current jobs much before. Others may have wished to hear someone telling them about the best paths to get their current job and saved some precious time. As a matter of fact, there are many things that we could have known before and that would have helped us make better and more informed career decisions.

The good news is that we can now do something to turn this situation. We, as experienced professionals, can help the new generations coming to the job market with naive expectations or wrong prejudices about your job benefit from our experience.

So here are five reasons why you should not wait any longer to pass on your valuable expertise to students and career changers the same way you wished your younger self could have been helped.


1. Your knowledge as a professional is gold and you can make a huge impact on people’s lives very easily


Schools, books or carer counselors can all help better understand a specific job. However, you are the only one who perfectly knows what your job entails, what the future of this job is and what key skills are required to succeed. Those insights are precious for anyone looking to start a career in your field. Without much efforts, in an hour or so you can save some precious time to students and career changers and debunk some myths about your job.

2. You will be able to reflect on your own experience


As you’ll start a conversation with a student or career changer, you’ll get the chance to quickly realize how much you have accomplished so far and reflect on your own journey. Those discussions will also bring you a fresh perspective on the way your career is perceived today.

3. You can broaden the perspective of many people who didn’t dare to consider your job


It is well known that many underprivileged people lack of role models, tend to censor themselves and stick to jobs that prevail around them. This means that generations after generation, we reproduce the same social patterns and brilliant kids never get the chance to dare to think bigger. You have the power to open people ‘eyes to new possibilities and be a role model for minorities who are under represented in your field. You can contribute to enhance social mobility, without much efforts.

4. You can raise awareness about your working conditions and become a change maker


By sharing your experience as a professional, you can contribute to open people’s eyes about the real working conditions in your field. This may cover topics like overtime, poor health and safety conditions or low pay packages. By shedding a light on the real practices in your job, you will share your truth and may contribute to bring about positive change.

5. You may need to learn from other professionals one day


Although you may be satisfied with your current job, you should not rule out the fact that you could at some point want to change careers or simply evolve into a new job. In both cases, you will need to find people outside of your traditional circles to help you deepen our understanding about the new job in your radar. You will also appreciate to receive some help to assess whether this jobs really is the right one for you. Jobs are changing quickly and we do not know what the future of our job holds. So we should all be ready to explore new careers and learn from other professionals.

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